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Acoustic Impact in Homes

In residential and hotel building, many studies were show noise impact on annoyance, privacy, and comfort.

1. According to the World Health Organization, noise-induced sleeplessness and insomnia is a considerable stressor that causes annoyance and ultimately a cause of serious illness. (Sabine Janssen et. Al. 2011. Environmental noise and sleep disturbance in Burden of disease from environmental noise: Quantification of healthy life years lost in Europe. WHO Regional Office of Europe. ISBN: 978 92 890 0229 5)

2. A study conducted in the Republic of Korea showed that very high noise levels exist along major roads. This affected up to 10% of the total population who experienced high-level annoyance and sleep disturbance. (Park, T.; Kim, M.; Jang, C.; Choung, T.; Sim, K.-A.; Seo, D.; Chang, S.I. The Public Health Impact of Road-Traffic Noise in a Highly-Populated City, Republic of Korea: Annoyance and Sleep Disturbance. Sustainability 2018, 10, 2947.)

3. Two studies conducted on noise associated with urban development showed that significant higher levels of environmental noise in urban areas, exceeding recommended noise limits set by the World Health Organization guidelines and yielded average noise events values in the moderate to serious annoyance range with the potential to obscure normal conversation and cause sleep disturbance. (King, G., Roland-Mieszkowski, M., Jason, T., & Rainham, D. G. (2012). Noise levels associated with urban land use. Journal of urban health: bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 89(6), 1017–1030.

4. A study in 2005 in Belgrade on residence in noisy areas was shown to be a significant predictor for difficulties with falling asleep, difficulties with falling back to sleep, waking up at night, sleeping by closed windows, having poor sleep quality, and feeling tired after sleep. (Jakovljević, B., Belojević, G., Paunović, K., & Stojanov, V. (2006). Road traffic noise and sleep disturbances in an urban population: cross-sectional study. Croatian medical journal, 47(1), 125–133.)

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